Countertop Milk/Juice Dispensers

A storage compartment of 20L for two packages of 10L each, meeting the high dispensing frequency for restaurants and fast foods. With a guiding installation cutout on shelves, package can be installed and removed by only one person. Minimized outlet holes at cabinet bottom, stopping cold air leaking and reducing energy consumption. Removable door gasket, easy for replacing. A stand-off on back of inner liner to keep packages away from freezing. All plastic light box with clip for easy change of decals, attractive shape and material.

With a bottom mounted lock, securing the products with non-sales time. Reliable plastic dispensing system with quick fit slots for easy removing and installation. Drip tray with cup-locating position, minimising liquid splashing. Durable and energy saving LED lighting, and can be turned off if needed.

Download Milk & Juice Dispensers Catalogue