Green Focus

Our focus is on energy efficient “green” cabinets. Several of the HABS coolers are listed with the Australian MEPS C-Tick and are also RoHS (Risk of Hazardous Substance) approved.
Commercial Refrigerated Display Cabinets manufactured or imported into Australia or New Zealand since October 2004 must meet the requirements of AS 1731:2003 Refrigerated Display Cabinets and in
particular AS 1731.14 Part 14: Minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) requirements.

Low-E Glass

HABS uses the latest technology on their glass display models.

  • Toughened safety glass on all glass door merchandisers
  • Toughed safety glass on all our heated cabinets
  • Double glazed low E is standard on all displays

These features include energy savings and greatly reduce condensation forming on the outside glass. We also use hot air from the refrigeration systems to also reduce condensations on some models.

Green Design – LED Lighting

LED Lighting is by far the preferred source of lighting that is asked for in all refrigeration display cabinets today.  HABS is updated with the latest technology and is always looking at ways to advance our brilliant lighting and is focus in reducing power consumption on all our lighting.

EC /IQ Technology Condenser and Evaporator Fan Motors

Uses 70% less energy than the old style fans of similar size. Rated to last 50% longer.  EBM is a German brand that is designed to save power and out preform old style motors.  Advancements will always be looked at by HABS to reduce noise and power consumption.


HABS uses high quality brands for their digital controllers, such as Dixel, Carel, EMS and Elstat smart controllers. Please be sure to take advantage of using these when placing factory orders.